MANN-FILTER wrench set – Oil change service

A new edition of practical oil filter wrench set as been offered by MANN-FILTER. The wrenches, which before was made of aluminum, are now made from plastic, as it is easier to carry and handle.

he complete set contains eight plastic wrenches and one steel wrench, which are clearly arranged in a plastic case with a foam insert. The fact that almost all of the parts are manufactured from plastic makes them light to handle and transport – the handy green case weighs a total of only 2.5 kg. The complete set is now available via wholesalers for passenger car parts and via the MANN-FILTER product catalog. “Each tool has its own fixed place in the case. However, each tool can also be re-ordered separately should it ever get lost”, says Jörg Schömmel, Oil Filter Product Manager at MANN-FILTER.

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