Mann+Hummel Introduces New Cabin Air Filters

Mann+Hummel, the global market leader in the area of filtration has introduced a new filter Technology that provides extra protection to people from allergenic substances entering interior of vehicle through the ventilation or air conditioning system.

Mann+Hummel Cabin Air Filters adsorbs allergens in addition to small & course particles. It has come up with a three-layer technology:

The Particulate Filter Layer: It Separates coarse particles such as dust, pollen and tire debris as well as smallest respirable particles.

Activated Carbon Layer: This layer absorbs harmful gases, unpleasant odors and ozone completely from the air flowing through the system.

Polyphenol Layer: It has an antiallergenic and antimicrobial effect to protect driver and vehicle occupant against bacteria, mold, fungi and allergens up to 100%.

Mann+Hummel has taken into consideration that more people today suffer from allergic reactions and there is a need to tackle the situation.

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