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High pressure spin-on application in hydraulic systems

Spin-On Filters are hydraulic filter assemblies, often placed inline, with an aluminium head and one or two Spin-on elements. The simple and quick replacement of the worn-out cartridge and the decrease in maintenance expenses are the key benefits of spin-on filters. Also, spin-on configuration is advantageous when the equipment used for maintenance operate in environments that are extremely polluted and challenging.

In low- to high-pressure hydraulic systems, spin-on filters are used to guard against contaminant damage to specific parts (such as pumps or valves) or the entire circuit. In particular, high pressure spin-on filters can be utilised on hydraulic circuits with maximum operating pressures up to 35 bar and flow rates up to 200 l/min. They are commonly placed in-line. They are ideal for high-flow applications because they typically have a heavy-duty steel body and an aluminium die-cast top heading, providing the strength and durability required by high pressure hydraulic systems. As the process fluid passes through the filter element, pollutants are caught and collected, limiting their recirculation through the system.